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Mesoscope for optical Imaging and Optogenetics

제조사 Mightex
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브랜드 Mightex
모델 OASIS Macro
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Mesoscope for optical Imaging and Optogenetics

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Mesoscope for Optical Imaging and Targeted Optogenetics

The OASIS Macro is a mesoscope for all-optical targeted optogenetics, calcium imaging, and intrinsic imaging. 

The OASIS Macro enables researchers to simultaneously image the entire mouse cortex and perform targeted optogenetics (with Mightex’s market-leading Polygon DMD illuminator).

* Large field of view for in vivo imaging and optogenetics

* Targeted optogenetics

* Reconfigurable mesoscope

* Designed for in vivo experiments

Reconfigurable In Vivo Mesoscope for Optical Imaging and Optogenetics

Mightex’s OASIS Macro is designed as a reconfigurable mesoscope for in vivo imaging and optogenetics. The final system can be tailored to performance requirements for unique applications.

This can include major features such as adding a second and third illumination source, or a dual-camera imaging system, as well as fine details including compatibility features for certain cameras and objectives.


OASIS Macro Key Features

Large Field of View Calcium Imaging and Intrinsic Imaging

The OASIS Macro is designed to image the activity of thousands of neuronal populations across the entire cortex of a head-fixed mouse or large cortical areas of an awake animal.

The lenses compatible with the OASIS Macro provide a large field of view, compared to conventional microscopes.


Cortex-Wide Targeted Optogenetics

Perform region-specific targeted optogenetics or stimulate the entire cortical area with widefield optogenetics. The addition of Mightex’s Polygon DMD Illuminator to the OASIS Macro enables targeted patterned illumination of regions or cells of interest.

Synchronize with Behavioural or Electrophysiology Equipment

Easily synchronize imaging or optogenetics with other lab equipment. Synchronize with your stimulation patterns or imaging with electrophysiology or behavioural equipment.

OASIS Stage and Support Overview 


OASIS Stage and Support offers several important customization features. The Stage and Support not only holds the entire system together but also allows for OASIS to translate in the XYZ axis and to be tilted back and forth or side to side so that the user can orient relative to a lilted surface. Manual and motorized versions are also available to choose between. 




OASIS Stage & Support Options






 Schematic Shows the Manual XYZ 
Stage Option with Single Rod Support






 List of OASIS Stage Options 

     1, Manual XYZ Stage

     2, Motorized XYZ Stage

     3, Manual Tilt Mechanism

     4, Motorized Tilt Mechanism

     5, Combine Any 2 of Options 1-4 

 List of OASIS Support Options      1, Single Damped Rod Platform    2, Three Damped Rod platform




Translational stage                        Stereotactic stage 



 OASIS can translate in the XYZ direction and can also be tilted side to side or front and back.






OASIS Optical Assembly


OASIS Optical Assembly provides a lot of exciting opportunities for customers to tailor their OASIS into a truly unique system tailored for their applications. The biggest decision to make is choosing a Macroscope imagining optics or microscope imaging optics. Microscope option is suitable for applications requiring an optical setup similar to commercial microscopes while Macroscope setups are more suitable when a large field of view is required without sacrificing optical output intensity. Users can also chose (1) the number of filter positions to include (2) To have dual camera ports and (3) which Microscope vendor objectives they would like their system compatible with. 



OASIS Optical Assembly Options 





 Schematic Shows a single cube, single 

 camera with microscope optics setup.



 List of OASIS Optical Assembly Options              1, Microscope Optics                                            2, Macroscope Optics 



OASIS Optical Assembly Configurations








OASIS Compatible Objectives

If using OASIS Micro most major commercial microscope objectives will be compatible with the system. Just let our support team know which objective you plan to use and they will make sure to select an optical assembly configuration for the vendor objective. Mightex is also able to provide objectives with the OASIS as an add on as well. Let us know your key requirements and we will be glad to make a recommendation.

If using OASIS Macro there are three objectives option that the user can choose between This includes a 4X, 2.35X and 1.9X Macro objectives.






For more technical details and specifications, please check:







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