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General Purpose Microscopy & Behaviour Camera. > Mightex

General Purpose Microscopy & Behaviour Camera. 요약정보 및 구매

제조사 Mightex
원산지 USA
모델 SCE type
판매가격 전화문의
포인트 0점
배송비결제 주문시 결제

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상품 상세설명


The SCE-series is Mightex’s entry level general purpose microscopy camera. The SCE-series is a low-cost imaging solution featuring a 1/3″ MP CMOS sensor with 5.2um x 5.2um size pixels. SCE-series camera has a 20fps frame rate at full resolution and higher framre rates can be achieved in ROI mode. Applications include, transmitted light microscope and wide-field imaging in research or teaching lab environments. The low-cost of the SCE_series camera makes it a great choice as a general purpose microscopy camera.


* Transmitted light microscopy

* Live-cell imaging

* Teaching lab equipment

Performance Specifications 


Recommended Configurations 


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