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LF121 Solid-state pulsed laser > SOL

LF121 Solid-state pulsed laser 요약정보 및 구매

제조사 SOL instruments Ltd.
원산지 Belarus
브랜드 SOL instruments
모델 LF121 Solid-state pulsed laser
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상품 정보

상품 상세설명


LF121 Double pulsed Nd:YAG laser

  • Reliable and easy in use laser
  • Long-term stability of output parameters
  • Super-stable engineering design of a laser head
  • Crystal thermal stabilization and sealing
  • Stable operation of autonomous cooling system
  • Control of laser output parameters and laser systems
  • PC - controlled


  • LIBS
  • Pump source for tunable lasers
  • LIF
  • DIAL

LF121 - is used as a dual laser pulse source with temporal adjustment between the pulses. Adjustment of output energy in each channel is possible with the help of attenuators.



System unit (power and cooling units)

  • single phase electric power supply
  • high efficient power supply unit with power corrector
  • electric power supply of add-on devices
  • constant power supply of thermostats

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Cooling system

  • single phase electric power supply
  • liquid/air (absence of external loop of water)
  • high efficiency of cooling, up to 1200W
  • embedded deionization filter
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Power supply

  • single phase electric power supply
  • essential interlocks
  • power corrector

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 Energy per pulse:


 1064 nm

 120 mJ

 Pulse width (1064 nm):

 8 - 10 ns

 Pulse repetition rate:

 20 Hz

 Beam divergence (FW 0.86 M):

 1.2 mrad

 Beam diameter:

 5.0 mm

 Delay between pulses (adjustable):

 0 - 50 ?s


 1.0 ns

 Pulse to pulse energy stability for 98% 

 of pulses:

 ± 2.5%?


 Electrical requirements:

 220V +/-10% (110V),

 50-60 Hz; 900 W (max)

 Overall size (L х W х H)


 Laser head:

 620 х 165 х 146.2 mm

 Power supply

 475 х 483 х 261 mm

 Cooling system:

 490 х 483 х 177 mm




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품명 LF121 Solid-state pulsed laser
모델명 LF121 Solid-state pulsed laser
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제조국 또는 원산지 Belarus
제조자 SOL instruments Ltd.
A/S 책임자와 전화번호 또는 소비자상담 관련 전화번호 02-355-5963


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