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제조사 SOL instruments Ltd.
원산지 Belarus
브랜드 SOL instruments
모델 MS520 series
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MS520 series 


Monochromator-spectrograph MS520 series have a unique combination of high-intensity, accuracy and spectral resolution. Large angle of rotation of the grating allows to use Echelle grating, providing extremely high spectral resolution (up to 0.002 nm), as well as extended operating wavelength range for the other gratings.

MS520 are completely automated spectral devices with focal length of 520 mm and F-number of 1/5.4.

High-quality optics and wide choice of diffraction gratings provide devices operation in a wide range from 185 nm up to 60 ?m (depending on the selected grating). 

MS520 cut 320x250?


M520 Series monochromator-spectrographs are based on Cherny?Turner asymmetric scheme that allows to minimize of aberrations and exclude spectra re-entrance from diffraction gratings and mirrors.

Model MS5201i and model MS5204i have the astigmatism-corrected optics what makes these devices applicable in multi-channel spectroscopy.

Monochromators?spectrographs of MS520 series have one input port and two output ports. Selection of an output port is realized with an automated mirror. Either output spectral slits or multi-channel detectors can be installed on each of the output ports.

We offer monochromators?spectrographs of MS520 Series with two types of input and output spectral slits: manual, operated with a micrometer screw and automated (combined), when the slit width is operated automatically or manually (with micrometer).


 ms3501 opic shem


A wide choice of changeable gratings gives the best combination of high energetic efficiency and maximal spectral resolution for different spectrum areas.

We also offer a wide range of additional accessories for Monochromators?spectrographs of MS350 series: Filter Wheel FWS-8A, -6A, Fast shutters, Fiber optics with adapters, input and output Condensres, Detectors and etc.

Extremely high spectral resolution ? 0,0020nm for Echelle grating 75 grooves/mm - in combination with small size and a variety of configurations and accessories make monochromators-spectrographs of MS520 series ideal devices for high resolution spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy. High optical throughput makes it essential for luminescent investigations.


ms3504 optic shem










 Diffraction unit


holder  for manually  

changeable gratings??



holder  for manually  

changeable gratings?


 Four?grating turret

 Four?grating turret








In the devices with the standard optics (model MS5201 and model MS5204) a flat entrance deflecting mirror is used, and in the astigmatism?compensated devices (model MS5201i and model MS5204i) a cylindrical mirror is used as an entrance deflecting.

As well as in all Czerny?Turner design spectral devices, in the MS520 series an axis of the diffraction gratings rotation goes through the center of grating operating surface and coincides with the direction of grooves. This fact provides the stability of the geometry of the beams for formation of a flat and fixed focal field. The image quality in the whole flat focal field is optimized due to the use of an asymmetric scheme and use of a focusing large-size mirror allows one to use the whole focal field width without vignetting. Besides, Cherny?Turner asymmetric scheme provides a low level stray light and light re-entrance from the optical elements and detectors can be avoided.

In MS5204 and MS5204i the gratings rotation axes are arranged perpendicular to the spectrum scanning axis, providing a high repeatability of wavelength setting at replacing of gratings. 


 Optical system


 Optical scheme:


 (astigmatism?compensated in model MS5201i and 

 model MS5204i)


 1 input, 2 output

 Wavelength range:

 185 nm - 60 ?m (depends on the type of grating)

 F/number (entrance):


 Focal length (output):

 520 mm

 Scanning range limited by the grating rotation angle:

 0-1580 nm (grating 1200 l/mm)

 Main mirrors:


 Stray light:

 1х10-6 (20 nm from laser line 632.8 nm)?


 Focal plane:

 28 х 10 mm










 Horizontal magnification:







 Vertical magnification:





 Vertical spatial resolution

 (minimal distance between the edges of the two nearby  tracks (in multichannel spectroscopy)):



 <20 ?m

 <20 ?m






 stepper, with fractional steps



 Step size:

 0.22 arc seconds


 ± 1 step

 Max. speed:

 10000 steps/s




 Type of grating:?


 1200 l/mm,

 λ = 546 nm

 Эшелле, 75 l/mm,

 λ = 200 nm, 120 order

 Reciprocal linear dispersion:

 1.55 nm/mm

 0.11 nm/mm

 Spectral resolution:



 - PMT (slit width 10 ?m):

 0.028 nm

 0.0020 nm

 - digital cameras (12 ?m pixel):

 0.034 nm

 0.0024 nm


 ± 0.008 nm?


 ± 0.0006 nm

 Wavelength accuracy:

 ± 0.035 nm

 ± 0.004 nm

 Average scanning step:

 0.0017 nm

 0.00014 nm




  80 x 70 x 10 mm


 About the center of grating working surface


 Automated 4-grating turret

(models MS5204, MS5204i)

 Positioner for 1 manually changeable grating (модели MS5201 и MS5201i)

 Grating repeatability:



 - *wavelength:

 ± 0.02 nm

 ± 0.05 nm

 - vertical image:

 ± 50 ?m

 ± 75 ?m 

* For grating 1200 l/mm, wavelength 546 nm




 1 input, 2 output

 *Output port repeatability (automated mirror):

 ± 0.03 nm

 Switching time (output port):

 4 s?


?* For grating 1200 l/mm, wavelength 546 nm



 Spectral slits

 Type of spectral slit:

 Automated (combined)?





 Automated (drive) or manually  (micrometer)

 manually (micrometer)


 Regulated from 0 up to 2.0 mm

 Regulated from 0 up to 2.0 mm


 ± 1 ?m

 ± 1 ?m

 Accuracy (slit 1 mm):

 ± 10 ?m?


 ± 10 ?m? 


 ± 1 ?m

 ± 1.5 ?m

 Reading accuracy (micrometer):

 2 ?m

 2 ?m

 Step size (automated slit):

 0.5 ?m 



 Diaphragm-regulated from 0 up to 10 mm  (as option)

 Diaphragm-regulated from 0 up to 10 mm  (as option)



 Integrated shutter

 Transmission (shut):


 Shut time:

 ~100 ms

 Max. frequency:

 1 Hz


 On-board CPU or TTL-signals from the external device






 on-board CPU



 External interface:





 Overall sizes (LхWхH):

 635х339х270 mm


 25 kg (may vary, depends on the configuration)




Optical scheme is optimized for:

  • minimization of coma aberration over the whole operating spectral range
  • elimination of the light re-entrance from two basic mirrors
  • elimination of the light re-entrance between mirrors of the instrument and input windows of the detectors in the focal plane
  • a large plane focal field for the whole operating spectral range
  • astigmatism compensation for the whole operating spectral range by means of special correcting optics (for imaging modifications MS5204i and MS5201i)


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