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ESCORT SM 요약정보 및 구매

제조사 SOL instruments Ltd.
원산지 Belarus
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OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM

for optical coating deposition monitoring

 (Precise Broadband optical monitor)

SOL instruments has many years' experience in development and production of optical monitoring 

systems for various technological processes.


OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM is a high-end instrument based on innovative investigations 

of spectral devices and precise measuring systems, with no analogs on the market.


OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM provides precise and rapid measurements of emission 

(E) spectrum of evaporated material, transmission (T) or reflected (R) spectra of deposited coating,

the automatic control and optimization of deposition process (Control&Optimization System). 



fig1 ESCORT 435x315



  • ESCORT SM spectrophotometer is a specialized OEM complex that measures optical coating parameters in the process of deposition and after the process, in the vacuum sputtering chambers of various types.
  • ESCORT SM spectrophotometer has measuring channel of broadband monitoring (S125) and measuring channel of single wavelength monitoring (M450)
  • ESCORT SM spectrophotometer enables to measure transmittance (T) or reflectance (R) simultaneously through two measuring channels and displays these coating parameters for automatic deposition process control.
  • The measuring channel of broadband monitoring allows simultaneous measurement of a spectrum for all wavelength ranges. The measuring channel of single wavelength monitoring measures coating parameters at the selected wavelength precisely and synchronously with the broadband channel.
  • The single wavelength channel allows precise spectrum measurements after the deposition process by scanning in the defined spectral range with the set step.

 shema propuskanie eng

Reflection coefficient measurement of rotated sample in the vacuum chamber during the coating deposition process.?

shema propuskanie otrajenija eng

Examples of use


Transmission coefficient or reflection coefficient measurement of rotated sample in the vacuum chamber during the coating deposition 


  • Measurements of emission, transmission and reflection spectra
  • Measurements of emission value, transmittance, optical density value and reflectance at fixed wavelength
  • Kinetic measurements at selected wavelength
  • Statistical characteristics calculation



  • Monochromatic and broadband optical monitoring with two independent measuring channels: broadband (BBOM) and single wavelength (SWOM)
  • High performance original optical schemes
  • 3,5" embedded personal computer that performs rapid processing of the measurement results and data transferring to the external software that controls a vacuum chamber
  • Embedded color TFT-LCD Touch Screen module based on 3,5" PC or РС104 and internal software for stand-alone operation. External computer connection through high-speed interface 10/100 Ethernet, connection to a company's local network

Characteristics Specifications
ESCORT SM channel S125 channel М450
 Spectral device:  spectrograph  monochromator with double    dispersion
 Focal length:  125 mm  450 mm (225 x 2)
 Spectral range:  from 380 to 1100 nm  from 380 to 850 nm
 Spectral slit:  fixed slit,  adjustable,
 width 0.04 mm  width from 0.2 to 2 mm
 Spectral interval:  from 1.35 to 3.4 nm  from 0.3 to 3 nm
 Minimal period of spectral measurement:  2 ms / spectrum  2 ms / point
 Minimal step of spectral scanning:  0.37 nm / pixel  0.1 nm
 Absolute error of wavelength setting:  ± 0.4 nm  ± 0.2 nm
 Reproducibility of wavelength setting:  ± 0.2 nm  ± 0.1 nm
 Stray light:  0.1 % (at λ=450 nm)  0.005 % (at λ=400 nm)
 Photometric noise: 0.07%                 0.02%                 
 Photometric accuracy:  ± 0.5 %  ± 0.2 %

  Photometric reproducibility

 ± 0.15 %  ± 0.05 %
 (convergence, repeatability):
 Emission detectors:  CCD  PMT
 Emission spectrum measuring option:  yes  no
 Emission input into the spectral device:  optical fiber  optical fiber
 Synchronization type:  internal; external  internal; external
 Ports for additional external devices:  Ethernet, USB, RS 232,  Ethernet, USB, RS 232,
 VGA, PS/2  VGA, PS/2
 Dimensions:  483 x 600 x 177 mm  483 x 600 x 177 mm
 Weight:  25 kg  25 kg
 Power consumption:  230 V, 50 Hz, 200 V?А  230 V, 50 Hz, 200 V?А


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