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NP250-2M Spectrograph 요약정보 및 구매

제조사 SOL instruments Ltd.
원산지 Belarus
브랜드 SOL instruments
모델 NP250-2M Spectrograph
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NP250-2M Spectrograph ?


NP250-2M is a spectrograph with two independent spectral channels.


Focal length of each channel is 250 mm. F/number of the device is 1/4.2, F/number of each channel is 1/6.1.


The radiation, after passing the entrance slit, is split into two independent spectral channels, representing a separate automated spectrograph, designed on the modified Hill scheme. Such an optical scheme allows to avoid spectra re-entrance from the diffraction gratings and mirrors, the parabolic mirrors allow to obtain high spatial and spectral resolution.


NP250-2M korpus




  • Parabolic mirrors
  • Two independent spectral channels
  • High spatial resolution over the slit height
  • Great variety of diffraction gratings




  • Multichannel spectroscopy
  • Measurements in UV, visible and IR spectral regions
  • Emission, fluorescent and Raman spectroscopy
  • Transmittance and reflectance measurement

NP250-2M optic layout ru




Optical system:

 Optical scheme:

 Modified Hill scheme, astigmatism-compensated, 

 with two independent channels

 Usable wavelength range:

 185 nm ? 60 ?m (depends on the type of grating)



 - common:


 - for each channel:


 Focal length:

 270 mm

 Scanning range limited by the grating rotation angle

 (grating 1200 l/mm):

 0 - 1280 nm

 Main mirrors: 

 Off-axis parabolic

 Stray light (20 nm from laser line 632.8 nm) 

 2.5*10-5 ?



Astigmatism compensation:

 Horizontal magnification:


 Vertical magnification:


 Vertical spatial resolution:


 - at the center of the field:

 2 ?m

 - at 10 mm from the center of the field

 0.2 mm

 Focal plane

 25 х 8 mm














* Optics:

 Reciprocal linear dispersion:

 2.91 nm/mm

 Spectral resolution:


 - PMT (slit width 10 ?m):

 0.07 nm

 - digital cameras (14 ?m pixel):

 0.08 nm

* For grating 1200 l/mm, wavelength 546 nm, detector pixel size 24 ?m



 Number of changeable gratings


 Number of simultaneously installed gratings   



 50 х 40 х 10 mm


 Positioner for 1 manually changeable grating


 About the center of grating working surface, the orientation 

 of the rotation axis coincides with orientation of grating lines

 * Grating positioning repeatability:


 - across the wavelength

 ±0.02 nm

 - vertical image position:

 ±0.2 nm

* For grating 1200 l/mm, wavelength 546 nm




 Number of ports:

 1 input, 1 output


Spectral slits:


 Manual, with micrometer screw

 Opening width:

 Smoothly regulated from 0 up to 2.0 mm


 ± 1 ?m

 Accuracy (slit width 1 mm):

 ± 10 ?m


 ± 1 ?m

 Reading accuracy (micrometer):

 2 ?m


 10 mm; diaphragm-regulated from 0 up to 10 mm



 Overall sizes (L x W x H):

 385 х 280 х 215 mm

 Optical height:

 111 - 120 mm


 10 kg


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품명 NP250-2M Spectrograph
모델명 NP250-2M Spectrograph
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제조자 SOL instruments Ltd.
A/S 책임자와 전화번호 또는 소비자상담 관련 전화번호 02-355-5963


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