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Ultra-Stable Fluorescence Light Source for Microscopy

제조사 Excelitas
원산지 USA
브랜드 X-cite
모델 X-Cite exacte
판매가격 전화문의
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상품 정보

상품 기본설명

Ultra-Stable Fluorescence Light Source for Microscopy

상품 상세설명

1.Closed-Loop Feedback ensures maximum stability

2.Calibrated output via optional X-Cite® Optical Power Meter

3.Iris provides intensity adjustment in 1% increments

4.High speed internal shutter 


Setting a new standard. 

The X-Cite exacte has the convenience of pre-aligned, long-life lamps and easy installation combined with innovative functions 

in the newest generation of mercury arc fluorescence illuminators.

Stability You Can Count On

Using a DC-powered lamp coupled with proprietary Closed-Loop Feedback (CLF) technology, the X-Cite exacte maintains constant power and ensures ultra-stable illumination. The X-Cite exacte is ideal for long term time-lapse and comparative imaging, remaining consistent whether experiments last for milliseconds or days.

Calibrated Output for Ultimate Repeatability

The X-Cite exacte can be calibrated using the X-Cite Optical Power Meter, an optional accessory. Ensure truly repeatable

experiments by taking the variability out of illumination intensity.

Ideal for Live Cell Imaging

Equipped with an iris to provide adjustment of light intensity in steps as small as 1% from 0-100% the X-Cite exacte

optimizes specimen illumination. This provides the flexibility and control of intensity attenuation required where photobleaching 

is a concern.

High Speed Internal Shutter

The X-Cite exacte is equipped with a high-speed internal shutter activated by push-button, foot pedal, RS-232 commands or TTL, eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware for high-speed applications. The rapid response time of less than 6ms* for time critical exposures protects delicate specimens.

A custom graphical 
user-interface (GUI) enables computer control of all X-Cite exacte functions, logs events and records

and displays real-time stability data. Ideal for verifying intensity stability during automated or long term imaging experiments.

*TTL activation?

Designed with Safety in Mind

The X-Cite exacte has safety designed into all aspects of its operation: Interlock switches and a light guide detection system prevent accidental exposure to UV and intense visible light. Intelli-Lamp® monitors the system temperature to prevent overheating.



The X-Cite Advantage

All of the convenient and cost-saving features that made the original X-Cite a leader in fluorescence

illumination are also designed into the X-Cite exacte. The pre-aligned Intelli-Lamp means easy set-up, and a

2000 hour lamp life guarantee means low operating costs. The X-Cite lamp provides superior excitation for a wide range of fluorophores across the entire spectrum. A variety of specially engineered adaptors

ensures compatibility with microscopes from all major manufacturers. The X-Cite exacte gives you convenience and control

never before available. Engineered specifically to let you focus your energy where it belongs ? on the best possible results.




 DC lamp with Closed-Loop Feedback

 Short and long-term intensity stability

 Calibration via optional Optical Power Meter

 Provides output in watts for consistent illumination and empirical repeatability

 Adjustable Iris with 1% steps

 Intensity control limits photobleaching

 Internal High Speed Shutter

 Flexibility in configuring imaging systems for different applications

 Liquid Light Guide

 Excellent illumination uniformity, no heat transferred to microscope

 Automatic Light Guide Detection

 Ensures proper/complete insertion of light guide to optimize performance 

 and lifetime

 Pre-aligned, 2000 hour lamp

 Easy lamp replacement with no alignment required, lower running costs

 Intelli-Lamp Technology

 Maintains optimum lamp temperature, tracks lamp hours

 Computer Control & GUI

 Enables computer-driven applications and stability data exporting




 Lamp module, liquid light guide with adaptor, software CD, foot pedal,

 USB cable, grounded and shielded power cord, user guide, quick-start guide


 200W Mercury Vapor Short Arc, DC

 Lamp Life

 2000 hours guaranteed; 2500 hours typical


 Compatible with microscopes from all major manufacturers


 Bandpass, 340-675nm

 Power Supply

 High efficiency, switch mode, line isolated

 100-120VAC / 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz

 Warm-up Period

 4-minutes (typical)


 RS-232 control via USB port; PC and Mac control of lamp, iris shutter;

 TTL control of shutter via BNC; ready for integration in automated system


 Base commands same as X-Cite 120PC; Build onto existing driver scripts to

 control X-Cite exacte.

 Panel Controls

 Power on/off, Display Mode Selection, Intensity up/down adjustment,

 Closed-Loop Feedback on/off, Shutter open/close

 Panel Display

 Accumulated lamp hours, intensity setting, status messages

 Panel Status Indicators

 Lamp on, shutter open, display mode, calibration, light guide insertion,

 Closed-Loop Feedback

 Dimensions (LxWxH)

 13.5” x 7” x 8”

 34cm x 18cm x 20cm


 10.8lbs / 4.9kg


 CE marked, certified to IEC, Canadian and US Standards; RoHS compliant


 1 year (excluding lamp and light guide)




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