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PM2000 요약정보 및 구매

제조사 MDI
원산지 USA
브랜드 MicroData Instrument, Inc
모델 PM2000
판매가격 전화문의
포인트 0점
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상품 정보

상품 상세설명


PM2000 Programmable Cell Microinjector

1.Precision and versatile pneumatic injection engine for cell surgery and

 cell physiological research

2.Accurate microinjection, suction, clearing , balancing and venting can be delivered from

 the cell injection port

3.Gentle sucking, cleaning, holding, releasing and pushing a cell can be delivered 

 from another cell holding port

4.Highest repeatability with savable timers, counters, action sequences and pressure readings

5.All programming and actions are controlled by an advanced microprocessor

6.User-friendly keyboard, remote port, foot switch and full information LCD display


The advantage of cell microinjection has changed the way that the scientists carry out in biomedical research 

and assisted fertilization (AF). The use of cell microinjection has become a major molecular and cellular technique

and been considered as surgery on a single cell. Utilizing an advanced microcontroller and precision pneumatic components,

the PM2000 is just designed as a very precise and smart pneumatic engine for microinjection.


The PM2000 is obviously superior in precision, convenience and function versatility to a syringe pump. This superior pneumatic microinjector can combine with precisely pulled microscopic glass pipettes and micromanipulators to form an ideal operating tool in the cell surgery.

The PM2000 can deliver from picolitter to unlimited wide range of liquid to a target. For microinjection in the biomedical research, the PM2000 can be used to inject any type of molecule or combination of molecules into the cytoplasm or nucleus. For example, RNA, DNA, proteins, antibodies, labelled dyes, synthetic molecules, peptides, and cell organelles all can be injected. Cell holding, transferring and even chromosome dissection can also be performed by using the PM2000. For the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), the PM2000 can be controlled precisely to pick up and transfer sperm. With a smooth and very fine adjustable suction, ejection and a computerize timing valve, every single sperm can be handled conveniently and precisely.


A 60 - 100 psi pressure input gas is the only gas source required for the PM2000 to produce a wide range of pressure 

and vacuum outputs. There are two output ports on the PM2000 front panel, one for a cell injection (or suction) pipette 

and another for a cell holding pipette. The injection port can do clearing, injecting, sucking, venting and balancing

capillary action for the injection pipette. The cell holding port can do gentle suction for holding a cell. Besides cell 

releasing function, a smart proportional and adjustable pressure can be produced to push a cell out off the tip gently 

or clear the holding pipette completely. All action timers are savable and programmable from 10 millisecond to 

continue or manual control time. The action counter is programmable and savable too. All pressures are adjustable. 

Their readings are savable. The PM2000 performs real-time data acquisition for pressure and vacuum monitoring. 

In the pressure mode, the suction vacuum generating pressure, injection pressure, balance pressure and hold vacuum

will be displayed simultaneously as well as previous saved pressure. It is convenience for user to adjust and 

compare all pressure settings in one time. Monitor the input pressure is available too.


The PM2000 allows the user to program custom-designed action sequences. Within each sequence, a user can save

4 pressure readings, 4 preset timers and 4 counters for corresponding actions. There are 12 programmable action steps

in each sequence and total 63 programmable sequences. All 63 sequences will be saved even turn off the power. 

The last using sequence will be recovered automatically when turn on the power again. There-fore, a user can program 

all different pressures, timers, counters and action steps for different experiments (up to 63). The user can just turn on 

the power to continue the last experiment , or simply select a sequence number, any one of 63 different experiments 

can be precisely repeated on any time. A simple and straightforward 4x4 keyboard allows the user to preset timer, 

counter and action sequences or perform actions. An LCD display window provides full information such as 

pressure, vacuum, time, count, sequence steps and actions, etc. Besides key pad, there are two foot switch 

connectors which can be used to control injection and trigger sequence steps. The remote port of a DB9 connector 

gives users a very useful option to interface outer control units. An optional remote keypad can be plugged in 

this remote port and be placed nearby the micromanipulators to form a very convenient microinjection work station. 

Another function of the remote port is as a computer interface port for cell electrophysiology applications. Meanwhile,

there are BNC connectors for the timing (injection, suction and sequence step) signal in and out to 

synchronize other electrophysiological instruments.




 100,120 or 240 VAC



 35 Watts


 60 - 100 psi


 Same as input pressure


 0-3 psi ( regulated )


 0.1 - 60 psi ( regulated)


 0 - 10 psi ( regulated)


 0" - 24" Hg ( regulated )


 0" - 25" of H2O ( regulated


 +/- 0.05 psi 


 +/- 0.05 psi for pressure, +/- 0.1" H2O for holding  vacuum(0"-1.8").


 10 msec. to 327.67 sec.(10 msec. resolution for whole  range), 

 CONTINUE or MANUAL control.


 1 - 255


 63 sequences


 12 steps


 Remote DB9 connector, foot switch jack and Trigger BNC for 

 negative TTL input


 Two BNCs for INJECT and FILL positive TTL signals output


 One IP-1 ( 6’ Input tubing with connector )

 Two OP-2 ( 3’ Output tubing with connector )

 One FSW (Foot switch)

 Power cord and User’s manual

 HOLD-1, 1, 1.2, or 1.5 mm O.D. pipette holder

 PM-KP, remote control key pad

 RK-1, rack mounting kits with handles


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