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PM6000 요약정보 및 구매

제조사 MDI
원산지 USA
브랜드 MicroData Instrument, Inc
모델 PM6000
판매가격 전화문의
포인트 0점
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상품 정보

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PM6000 4-Channel Programmable Injector

  • Complete capabilities for microinjection and perfusion
  • Up to four inject/perfusion outputs, one hold cell output and one synchronized drain out channel
  • Programmable and savable timers, counters and step sequences
  • Simultaneously real-time displays adjusted pressures, count and time
  • Convenient manual control or automatic sequential step cycle operation

The PM6000 Programmable 4-Channel Pressure Injector is designed for intracellular injection and extracellular perfusion.

It can be used for directly injecting different molecular agents, labelled dyes, genes, RNA, DNA, 

proteins and cell organelles to a cell, or performing a perfusion of up to 15 combinations from four different agents 

and drugs to a cell or a group of cells. It is also a superior device for intracytoplasmic sperm injection 

and cell electrophysiology. By combining an advanced microcontroller and precise pneumatic components, 

the PM6000 can simultaneously control four injection micropipettes, one cell holding pipette and one drain pipette.


The four injection micropipettes can be controlled separately or combined together to perform actions 

such as injection, capillary action balancing, suction or clear up. 

The cell holding pipette can produce an adjusted vacuum to hold a cell or eject a pressure to push a cell or

just clear the holding pipette itself. Also, the drain pipette can produce an adjusted vacuum to drain out liquid

precisely and synchronize with every microperfusion. 

The PM6000 can deliver different agents and drugs from picolitters to continued perfusion.


There are individual regulators for adjustments of suction vacuum, cell holding vacuum, drain vacuum,

inject pressure and balance pressure. A LCD window displays full information such as pressure, vacuum, time, 

sequence steps and actions.


During pressure mode, all pressure readings are simultaneously real-time displayed on the LCD screen so

that the user can conveniently preset all the pressures without switching the pressure measurement. 

Meanwhile, previous pressure reading can be recovered on the LCD for further comparison.


The PM6000 provides programmable timers and counters to deliver accurate timing and counting for 

corresponding functions.


The PM6000 allows the user to program custom-designed action sequences. 

There are 16 savable sequences with 32 programmable steps in each sequence. 

The sequences can be used to perform and repeat different injections and perfusion cycles precisely. 

Also, the sequential cycles can be automatically performed or triggered each step by manual. 

Even the interval time between steps is programmable for automatic sequential cycle.


Not only all preset timers, counters and sequential steps can be saved when the power is turn off, 

the pressure readings can also be saved by a push of a button

Therefore, the PM6000 can reproduce experiments at anytime completely.

An attached foot switch can control all preset step or be used as an injection trigger. 
An optional remote keyboard gives the user another convenient tool to control the whole operation. 
The exceptional versatility and extremely precise control are the hallmark of the PM6000.



Output ChannelsEight injection / perfusion outputs, one synchronized drain out and one cell hold channel
Input Gas Pressure30 - 100 psi
Clearing PressureSame as input pressure
Clear Hold Pressure0-3 psi (regulated)
Injection Pressure0.05 - 60 psi ( regulated )
Balance Pressure0.05 - 10 psi ( regulated )
Fill Vacuum0" - 24" Hg ( regulated )
Hold Vacuum0" - 30" of water (regulated )
Drain Vacuum0" - 30" of water ( regulated )
Repeatability+/- 0.02 psi
Display Accuracy+/- 0.05 psi for pressure, +/- 0.2" for vacuum (<2" H2O).
Timer Setting Range0 msec - 327.67 sec. (10 msec. Resolution for whole range).
Counter Setting Range1 - 255
Savable Sequences16 sequences
Programmable Steps32 steps for each sequence.
Remote Control PortsDB9 connector for remote key pad, foot switch jack and BNC for negative TTL trigger, a jack connector for injection foot switch.
Signal Output PortsEight BNCs for injection signal on output port 1-4.
Power Consumption100, 120 or 220 VAC, 35 Watts

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