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제조사 SOL instruments Ltd.
원산지 Belarus
브랜드 SOL instruments
모델 Rubin
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3D Scanning Laser Luminescent Spectrometer Rubin 

Laser confocal luminescent microscope Rubin

Simple and fast measurements of the static pressure in a sample placed between the sapphire and diamond anvils in the high pressure camera using the method of laser optical luminescent spectroscopy.



  • Rigid stable construction of the system
  • Automated control over the instrument operation
  • Digital image with 100х zoom
  • High sensitivity. Sample size is 10 μm
  • Х-Y-Z positioning with 1 μm precision
  • Automatic calibration before measurements
  • High accuracy pf pressure measurement due to application of the Echelle spectrograph

A unique opportunity of measurement of the high pressure of condensed media with the optical method

Fig.1. Selection of scanning range and results of measurement

Selection of scanning range and results of measurement


Online monitoring of the measurement results

Fig.2. Spectrum of ruby crystal luminescence

Spectrum of ruby crystal luminescence


System of automatic correction of the instrument parameters

Fig.3. Calibration spectrum (Ne)

Calibration spectrum (Ne)



 Inverted microscope zoom:  100x
 Range of measurable pressures in the camera:  1...900 kbar
 Spectrograph resolution:  0.02 nm
 Equivalent error of pressure measurement:  not more than 0.6 kbar
 Minimal size of registrated ruby crystals on the anvil:  
 - for diamond anvils:  10 μm
 - for sapphire anvils:  30 μm
 Value of laser beam moving in the plane of subjects (anvils)  along the axes X, Y, Z:  6 mm
 Moving step along the axes X, Y, Z:  1 μm
 Wavelength of luminescence laser excitation:  532 ± 10 nm
 Laser radiation power:  3 mW
 Time for operation mode starting:  3...5 min
 Power consumption:  not more than 500 W
 Power:  220 В, 50/60 Hz
 Weight:  60 kg
 High pressure cameras characteristics:  
 - diameters  40...100 mm
 - distance from the camera base to the investigated sample:  55...70 mm
 - angle of opening for cameras with sapphire anvils:   18˚ 
 - angle of opening for cameras with dimond anvils:  60˚


Software "Rubin"

  • laser confocal microscope control
  • automatic spectrograph calibration
  • metrological estimation of the analysis results
  • graphic representation of the analytical signal
  • mathematical processing of the measurement results
  • saving the results and settings of the instrument


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품명 Rubin
모델명 Rubin
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제조국 또는 원산지 Belarus
제조자 SOL instruments Ltd.
A/S 책임자와 전화번호 또는 소비자상담 관련 전화번호 02-355-5963


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